Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catch up on RSVPhere Video Blogs!


#2 New board member, U of R professor, Wedding walk-in, Found a techie maybe

#3 jingle, Women in Technology, Social Media Club

#4 First Robotics, VCU, ShashiB

#5 Board Meeting, Facebook Ads, Staying Online, Web TV

#6 Paper Invitations, Evan and customer service, Web TV, Viral Loop

#7 After I make these diaries, I always have so much more I want to say that I remember

#8 The Cricket Story, Twestival, Leaders are Readers

#9 Launch Event May 20, Smile Slowly, Writing Requirements

#10 Funny STORY!

#11 Daniel Pink,

#12 Wonder what is? Bite sized chunks in technology work.

#13 Richmond GRID Launch Party was awesome!, Foundation of your business, Superhero RUN

#14 Be prepared to fail a LOT What's been going on for the past MONTH?! Hope you are kicking butt! Palari Publishing Intern/Launch Party

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