Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yes, I did audition for Oprah's Own-Whoohoo!

Blast central! I have to tell you how much fun I am having this week with my Oprah audition. The application was a doozy. It took a lot of thought and time, and I completed it while on the drive to my cousin's wedding in Indiana this past weekend- not while driving of course! Oprah says NO to distracted driving.

Meanwhile, there are SO many good ideas for shows. I'm trying to get creative and think of ways to promote voting. I could....make a song with a ditty, a little rap that won't get out of your head. Then every day while you're driving you'll be singing my rap and remember to vote.

Or...I could make a video and hypnotize you so that every time you are hungry you think about voting. If you are like me, that's pretty often. Or, I could hack into all of your computers and send very friendly emails by you to all of your friends kindly asking for their repeated votes.

Now THAT is thinking outside of the box. That's what I am, an Idea Muffin. Wife, employee, business owner, friend, family member, board member, Rotarian, and Sunday School teacher- oh yes, and Oprah show host OF COURSE!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great Bride Blog to Follow

Are you a stressed out bride looking for good bride blogs? Try Wedology 101! Bloggers Jenn and Meghan share tips and tricks to help you plan your wedding with the help of a panel of wedding experts. Besides great tips they also do profiles of "Been There, Done That" Brides like the one they did on Casey below. Special thanks to Wedology 101 and we hope everyone visits the site!

Feature done by Wedology 101 on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Been There, Done That Bride: Casey Bunn

I'll admit it- I get a little giddy when a new Been There, Done That bride comes across my desk. This week, I'm especially delighted to share the story of my friend, and Richmond Twitter Celebster Casey Bunn with RSVPHere.com.

Think that planning a wedding is tough when trying to work at the same time? You haven't heard anything yet.

Take it away Casey...

Why are you a “Been There, Done That” Bride?

I planned my entire wedding while holding down a job and running a company RSVPhere.com in my spare time! We were our own first customers! I was investing all of my money in my business, so opted out of a wedding planner, but boy do I see why brides use them! .....

To see the rest of this feature follow this link to Wedology 101

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Planning a Summer Baby Shower?

Whether inside or out, celebrating a baby shower, much less any party in the summer can make for the hottest of times. The perfect foods for occasions during these warmer months are light and refreshing treats created with the ingredients of summer. Buffet style showers are the way to go, creating ease with serving for you, while allowing your guests to mingle as they’re enjoying their food. I stumbled across a few recipes recently that would make for the perfect summer fare. For any of those last minute additions or completely starting fresh add them to your menu at your baby shower and enjoy the tastes of summer! ( Double up on ingredients for large parties).

Miniature Caprese Salad Skewers Cook Time: 10 mins

Asparagus Crostini’s Cook Time: 10 mins

BLT Pasta Salad Cook Time: 22mins Yield: 4 Servings

Tomato, Watermelon, and Cucumber Salad Yeild: 6

Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches with Smoked Almonds Cook Time: 45 mins Yeild: 24

Sherbet Party Punch

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RSVPhere #15 Business Whirlwind-Thank goodness for INTERNS

Catch up on RSVPhere Video Blogs!


#2 New board member, U of R professor, Wedding walk-in, Found a techie maybe

#3 jingle, Women in Technology, Social Media Club

#4 First Robotics, VCU, ShashiB

#5 Board Meeting, Facebook Ads, Staying Online, Web TV

#6 Paper Invitations, Evan and customer service, Web TV, Viral Loop

#7 After I make these diaries, I always have so much more I want to say that I remember

#8 The Cricket Story, Twestival, Leaders are Readers

#9 Launch Event May 20, Smile Slowly, Writing Requirements

#10 Funny STORY!

#11 Daniel Pink, Demogirl.com

#12 Wonder what Killerstartups.com is? Bite sized chunks in technology work.

#13 Richmond GRID Launch Party was awesome!, Foundation of your business, Superhero RUN

#14 Be prepared to fail a LOT What's been going on for the past MONTH?! Hope you are kicking butt! Palari Publishing Intern/Launch Party

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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